Discover Our Range of Substrates

At KRONEN, we understand the evolving demands of the horticulture industry. Our product portfolio consists of a variety of traditional and time-tested products, such as Potgronds, Tray substrates based on black peat, and potting substrates based on white block peat, which serve as the foundation of our offerings.

As environmentally conscious individuals, we recognize the urgent need to reduce our reliance on peat and embrace more rapidly renewable resources. We constantly strive to find new sustainable alternatives without compromising the performance of our substrates. Therefore we proudly introduce our K3 substrate line, specifically designed to address these crucial aspects.

We invite you to explore our product portfolio and discover the ideal solutions that meet your needs. Our substrates allow you to nurture your plants effectively while making a positive environmental impact.



At the KRONEN Group, we are strongly committed to minimizing peat extraction and reducing possible environmental impacts.


Renaturing after-use peat extraction sites and integrating rapidly renewable resources are priorities at the KRONEN Group.