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The Kronen Group has a long heritage in the peat
and professional substrate industry.  
Knowledge gained through experience,
paired with a modern philosophy,
ensures a sustainable development within the group. 

RYD TORV AB has joined the KRONEN GROUP.  RYD TORV AB is producing since 1989 the highest quality of block peat on its 140ha.

The first peat FREE potting soil
for the retail market is being produced

Kronen has launched its first blocking substrate with wood fibre in combination with organic fertilizer.

Lasland sp. z.o.o. has added a new packaging line and has expanded the group’s production capacity to 500.000m3 per year.

Certified green waste compost is added to the retail product mix.

The Kronen Group is operating its first wood fibre plant.  The new material is called Ecofibrex.  This is a new era of emphasising the use of quickly renewable resources.

Premium decorative pine bark has been in demand for many years.  The Group has invested in state of the art screening technique.  The production has started in the second half of the year and has been an immediate success.

The Kronen Group introduces its new ERP system, which enables better and faster communication, with customers, suppliers amongst the group.  Additionally it enables full traceability of products and used components. 

The production site Torf sp zo.o. has gotten a new screening and mixing line increasing the packaging capacity to 100.000m3 per year.

The new compact bale 20l, 25l and 40l has been launched with great success in the retail market

Kronen introduces a new Big Bale press.

Torf sp z o.o. joined the Kronen Group.

Przemtorf sp z o.o. joined the Kronen Group.

Lasland sp. z o.o. extended its packaging capacity to 300.000m3.

Eugen Stohp GmbH has sold its majority stake of Kronen-Klasmann sp z o.o. (today Klasmann-Deilmann Polska sp. z o.o.) to Klasmann-Deilmann AG.

Lasland sp. z o.o. has opened its new factory with its state of the art 300m3 per hour mixing line and brand new packaging technology. 

Lasland dedicates its first peat bogs to produce Humintorf (frozen through black peat) for the purpose of producing top quality blocking and trav substrates.

Eugen Stohp GmbH leaves the Floragard group and sells it stake.  

The Eugen Stohp GmbH and Klasmann-Deilmann form the joint venture Kronen-Klasmann sp z o.o.  (today Klasmann-Deilmann Polska sp. z o.o.).  The company is distributing and promoting professional substrates produced by Lasland sp z o.o. and Klasmann-Deilmann.

Eugen Stohp GmbH undertakes one of Germany's most successful renaturation projects of a peat bog.  The natural reserve conservation area has been partly made accessible to the public.  Today more than 18.000 visitors per year are enjoying this nature spectacle.

Lasland sp. z o.o. has been founded as one of the first joined ventures in Poland.

Dr Marzenna Kulakowski is taking over the Eugen Stohp GmbH.  Kronen peat is being sold in Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Saudiarabia, Greece and Cyprius.

Mr Eugen Stohp advertises his peat products in the newspaper "Pinnerberger Wochenzeitung"


The Kronen Group is committed to minimize negative environmental effects of peat extraction. The after-use of peat extraction sites and the introduction of quickly renewable resources into product mix have been in the Groups focus.


The Kronen Group consists of four companies. Each company has its own area of operations, where great focus is placed on sharing information amongst the Group to acquire     the highest amount of knowledge within the Group.

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